Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I am Voting for Change

I care about the environment and I want more doctors and nurses.

I want Canada to get away from the neverending Conservative "War on Terror"

And I want Stephen Harper replaced tomorrow.

As Elizabeth May has said, Stephen Harper's "plan" to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming is a fraud. If Harper remains as Prime Minister, Canada will do nothing. Worse the Conservatives actually sabotage at international meetings the efforts of countries that want to do something about this crisis.

The Conservative response to global warming. A grease spot attack ad. Here is a spoof.

The Liberals Green Shift plan brings together scientists concerned about the environment with the brightest Canadian minds from the field of economics. All working together to develop the best long-term strategy to create a sustainable economy. Providing industry and individual voters the incentives and investments they need to really make a difference.

The Liberals also have an ambitious plan to decrease child poverty as well increase the number of doctors and nurses at a time when aging Baby Boomers will be putting the Canadian Health system under increasing stress. The Liberal platform.

And then there is the expensive and violent Conservative War on Terror.

Stephen Harper wanted Canada to invade Iraq.

He said so in a speech that he plagiarized from the right-wing Prime Minister of Australia.

Fortunately it was a Liberal government at the time who said, NO to George Bush's war of aggression.

We will get nothing we want if Harper gets re-elected. Nothing but more wars, more prisons, and more poverty.

It is time to replace Harper with a progressive Liberal government.


Anonymous said...
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Aaron said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am not in the mood for insults from paid Conservative trolls today.


jenn said...

I hope you won't consider it an insult when I point out that the Liberals supported the extension of Afghanistan which according to recent reports is well over the estimates.

The Liberals supported the Cons on the soft wood lumber sell out.

The Liberals didn't stand up to the Conservatives 43 times.

Nathan Cullen (NDP MP) spearheaded the all opposition party re-write of the Cons useless Clean Air Act.

Jack (unlike Dion) got actual climate change legislation passed (Bill C377).

Aaron said...

Jenn, you are more partisan than I am, I think.

At the start of the campaign, I was considering voting for Gilles Duceppe who is my current MP. He is a good MP (despite the disagreement over separation) and I would rather have him representing me voting on issues such as abortion and the environment than a Conservative. As it turns out Quebeckers have turned sharply against Harper, so I can vote the way I please, because in my riding there is no danger that a Conservative will be elected. I have talked to other Liberal voters about this and there is generally but not always agreement: Better the Bloc than Conservative. (Though some people are just too stubborn and partisan to see what is at stake). Now the Liberals look like they will win more ridings in the greater Montreal region without the threat of Conservative gains.

I just wish that progressives from the rest of Canada were as pragmatic about this. I tried to spell out in my post why I think it is important to get rid of Harper. You do agree with me, right?

As for your comments about keeping the last parliament alive, voters in the center of the political spectrum are not going to tolerate an election once a year. And the parties responsible for triggering the elections before the public is ready will pay a big price at the hands of centrist voters who will be annoyed if they feel they are being used by partisans (Conservative NDP or Liberal). So you have to choose the issue to win. The NDP don’t seem to worry about forming a government. They just want to win more seats, even if Harper gets a majority. I don’t want Harper to be the Prime Minister because I and you probably even more so will get NOTHING that we want. I don’t want a protest vote; I want Harper replaced.

I suggest you think about what you really want. The success of your “team” (party) or the do you want the issues that you think are important addressed. Do you want action on climate change? With Harper in government you will not get it. Do you want more doctors and nurses? Harper is looking for excuses to privatize medicine in Canada. Is it worth the damage that Harper will do to Canada’s social safety network, just for a couple more votes? I want Harper replaced.