Sunday, October 05, 2008

Effective Ads

Stephane Dion's performance during the Leaders Debates was excellent.

He speak the truth best in english and french. ;)

(It puts to rest that strange Harper talking point about Dion's proficiency in english. Good. In the tight linguistic game of a high-stakes televised Leaders debate, Dion articulated the Liberal plan precisely. I always viewed the slurs on Dion's english as a species of conservative bigot talk anyway. And a bit ironic considering Harper's obvious weakness in french. But I live in Quebec...)

Here are some ads that are out. The effect is cumulative and I think quite powerful. I got the full message after watching a few of them.

The ads are simple. And the talk is straight. Here is a selection.


Anonymous said...

Too bad there isn't english translation. Are they running similar ads in english Canada???


Anonymous said...

I thought this english ad was good, although I don't know if it is running on TV.

Aaron said...

In english... I don't know. We'll see what happens this week. I think things (with some to-be-expected bumps) are moving in the right direction. Harper is a pretty hard sell in Quebec. I would suggest to conservatives that they dump him after this election.