Friday, October 10, 2008

Harper loses his cool

Harper enters whole new territories of shrill partisanship.

Harper is trying to make an issue out of an interview Dion had with CTV. Dion is really good generally in the interview format. The interviewer asks a complicated hypothetical question; Dion asks him to clarify; they joke around a bit, then start again. You can go watch the video, or look at Harper's over-the-top reaction. (It is a desperate Rovian attempt to distract voters from the issues)

But the only thing you are likely to remember about this by Sunday is the joke told about it in Brampton at the Liberal gathering on Friday night.

Why don't you try.

It could be a couple sentences long, but a one-liner would be preferable.

Here are the ingredients:
Harper's lack of concern for working families in tough times
Harper's pettiness
Harper's hyper-partisanship
Harper's lack of a platform
(22pages of pictures of yourself does not count, Steve)
Harper's doubtful judgement in spontaneous situations
Harper's history of distortions
Harper's negative attack ads
Harper's lack of vision

Extra points if you can also convey how you REALLY feel about Mike Duffy Live or bird poop.

If you live in a family that has a history of voting Liberal at any point since 1993, that's the joke you will hear repeated at Thanksgiving dinner.

The question remains who will deliver the joke. My bet is da little guy from Shawinigan.


Aaron said...

Here's my attempt:

I have a question for Stephen Harper that he seems unable to understand. If you were Prime Minsiter what would you do to stimulate the economy and protect the savings of working families?
What is your plan?

Well we all know Stephen Harpers
answer: Nothing.

Anonymous said...

How about,

"If you had actually acted as Prime Minister at some point, would you still need to run as a candidate right now?"