Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harper's Leadership Doubted

According to Nanos, Harper's personal impopularity may hold his party back. The Globe and Mail reports that it may be a good strategy for Harper to refuse questions from the media for the remainder of the campaign.

Kim Campell: A campaign is no time to talk about policy.

Stephen Harper: A campaign is no time to answer voters questions.

Other good reasons for Harper to hide from the media:
He has no platform to run on (22 pages of Harper photos does not count). And new evidence contradicts Harper's version of the Cadman bribery scandal

What is Harper hiding now?

Stéphane Dion Day Thirty-Four


Anonymous said...
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Jay said...

I see this anon is quite busy. Just visited three blogs and this same comment is there. Must be a new supposi-toriy talking point.

I think Harper is going to have it tough being taken seriously anymore. Seeing he's flip-flopped on the movie tax credit bill, arts cuts, etc. His complete inability to be taken seriously by a majority of the population and his afilure to secure anything other than a minority government. Playing his fiddle while rome burns.

I hear Mr. Prentice is being tapped as his replacement, most other possibles toreplace him will be lucky to even get elected this time around.

Interesting times indeed.

Aaron said...

Hi Jay,

I removed the anonymous comment. I don't intend to provide a platform for paid Conservative trolls.