Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Will Fight For Canada?

Who will fight for a Canada?

Chretien knows (we all know) that Stephane Dion will.

Here is the link to Chretien's speech in Brampton on Friday night

The best line of the night goes to Dion according to Radio-Canada. I will post Dion's speech as soon as I can find it.

It is time to replace Harper and his incompetent ministers with a strong Liberal government.


Anonymous said...

And who better than the guy who stole millions of dollars from Canadians to feather his own nest, right?

Scott Tribe said...

A typical Conservative smear from a typical Conservative troll who doesn't even have the guts to tell people who he is.. , but the Federal Court of Canada said otherwise about Chretien. He was fully vindicated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to CTV's coverage of Jean Chretien's speech which I watched, but was unable to see Dion. Is there a video link to Dion's speech last night?