Friday, October 10, 2008

Dion On the Issues

When Dion talks about the issues he is at his best.

Here is Stephane Dion's interview with Lloyd Robertson on CTV (spit).

Listen at the end when Lloyd reluctantly raises the delicate issue of language.

Does the fact that Dion is a francophone disqualify him to be Prime Minister? Dion playfully turns the issue around and asks Lloyd what he thinks. And the well-humoured cosmopolitan Lloyd responds "I understand you." Lloyd's no bigot.

This is not to say anything about how Lloyd will vote, he does work for CTV (spit) afterall, but
the people that Dion needs to reach understand what he is saying when he speaks about the issues. And the issues are what the people will vote for if they hear them.

I don't believe in the noisy little ups and downs of polls +/- up to 10 % (especially in consideration of their empirically established conservative bias i.e. six to ten points overrated in the most recent federal elections (what are they really measuring?)), but the dramatic plunge in the Conservative polling numbers 11-15 points when Canadians started really hearing about the different parties policies, indicates to me that they are motivated by the issues (if they hear them). Leadership is a short-cut that doesn't really work in a campaign. But you can still hear the last whining shrieks of air coming out of that bag of nothing from the media.

Liberal policies: fran├žais english

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