Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dion Could Be Our Next Prime Minister

Dion could be our next Prime Minister according to Stephen Harper. Yes, that is possible.

And I have every confidence that Dion would make a very good Prime Minister with an exceptionally strong cabinet. Since the debates, Dion has reached the voters that could make this happen. And he will be able to work well with the other parties. There is a shrewdness in Dion's negociating abilities that the media have not picked up on yet.

But I am not sure why Harper is advertising a Liberal government now.

My gut tells me this is yet another mistake (similar for example to his profound miscalculation about the "War on Terror" or calling this election etc. etc. etc.)

It is probably based on some polling data and a complex secret statistical formula hidden in the darkest depths of the Conservative War Room. One vote here, two votes there. Or maybe Harper is just winging it again. I am guessing that Harper believes the possibility of a Liberal government will make Canadians afraid maybe? Really? Outside of his base, I just don't see how this will be effective.

And Harper's real base is much less than was pretended. That is becoming more obvious since the LEADERSHIP fantasy has exploded.

I recall it being reported earlier in the campaign that Harper's support was very firm. But this cannot have been true and I don't think it is anymore true now.

Yes, Dion could be our next Prime Minister.



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