Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stephen Harper is a BUNGLER!

There is more news of economic turmoil with governments around the world taking action to shield themselves against the worst, while Stephen Harper releases his platform to tackle Senate Reform. Senate Reform?

If Stephen Harper gets back into government, you are on your own because he will be very busy reopening the Constitution to tackle Senate reform. It's just that important to him.

Stephen Harper is a bungler.
And I think he is getting desperate.


Update: By contrast here is Stephane Dion: energized, confident and at ease talking about policy.

What the Liberals will do to address the economic crises in the first 30 days of forming a government. The immediate Plan


-Speed up investments in infrastructure and the manufacturing sector to create an immediate economic stimulus
-Demand the recommendations of the major financial institutions and leading economists
-Coordinate the efforts of the provinces to protect Canada against the international crisis

Sounds pretty reasonable to me given the circumstances.

I am still not clear whether Stephen Harper believes that there is a problem.

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