Thursday, March 27, 2008

You have been Punked!

I could not believe that La Presse actually ran that full front page character assassination on Michael Ignatieff today. I had to read it twice. Ignatieff sipping martinis with friends and plotting the defeat of the party in the next election.

La Presse knew full well that, if Ignatieff said what was reported, there would be a line-up of good Liberals stretching clear across the country ready to give Ignatieff a verbal smack down. It would be wildly dumb --buck-tooth wide-eyed dumb-- because such an attitude makes the rank and file, the people who really believe in the issues advanced by the party, look like total suckers.

Ignatieff recognizes how damaging this would be to his reputation and has resolutely denied the story. And I am guessing he and everyone connected to him hopes it fades away. I am not sure that it will. We might see this again in Harper advertising.

Over the years, the Quebec media has attacked Dion in every way. (I am not worried about him though. He’s a grit. He can take it.) But the crap thrown at Dion can also be thrown at Ignatieff… and maybe a whole lot worse. He might want to watch the company he keeps and how his comments might be interpreted.

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