Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Decima: Majority support Carbon Tax

More good news for the "strategic genius" Stephen Harper.

According to a Decima poll reported on today by Le Devoir 70% of Canadians would support a carbon tax if the revenues collected were put toward environmental programs.

“Surprisingly, Decima found that 75% of those who currently intend to vote for the Conservative party in the next election support the idea of a tax on carbon that would finance ecological programs.”

The article also reprises the Pembina poll which found similar levels of support for the carbon tax policy which is fiercely opposed by the Conservative government and the NDP.


Anonymous said...

The problem with these polls is that the majority of people polled assume that someone else is going to pay for it. When they realize that the some else is them they quickly change their minds.

Aaron said...

You did not read the article, did you?