Monday, March 24, 2008


It’s not that I want this to continue playing out on the pages of LaPresse, but I think that the situation within the party in Quebec has come to a head and presents a unique opportunity for Stephane Dion, if he acts quickly and decisively, to make the changes necessary for the long-term viability of the party in Quebec. In other words, rather than portray Steve Pinkus’ interview as a nuisance, it should be perceived as a call to action that requires a swift and full response.

The temptation during a minority parliament is to pass over contentious structural and personel changes in favour of “electoral preparedness.” This might make sense if the Quebec wing were even somewhat prepared for an election. It is not.

That these problems are spilling out into the press clearly makes the argument for the leader’s prerogative to take the steps, even the hard ones, that will resolve the crisis. This is an opportunity.

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