Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Harper's Destructive Path to Power

This is no joke. We are in an international economic crisis.

But the Canadian government is caught up in the worst political crisis since the 1995 referendum.

And who is at the center of it? Stephen Harper.

Albertans are talking about separation. And Harper is stoking the separatist fires here in Quebec by suggesting that elected representatives of Quebec are not legitimate.

Harper is wielding the Conservative party like a weapon against the constitution and parliamentary democracy. And he will stop at nothing to get complete power.

Harper is likely the most divisive politician in Canadian history at a time when we need to be drawing various factions in the country together to meet the economic crisis

To resolve this crisis, Harper must be removed. That is the minimum condition.


Ron said...

Wow - the fact that three parties conspired behind closed doors to overthrow a sitting government does not rate any level of blame for the political instability but proposing to reduce the size of the handouts to political parties is somehow the sole cause of the crisis. This crisis was dreamed up by the Bloc and the NDP; the Liberals walked blindly into it. We now have three Separtists (Duceppe, Parizeau and Marois) PUBLICALLY stating the coalition is in the best interests of Quebec separation; we now have 3 western Premiers PUBLICALLY saying it is a bad idea; we have a major political crisis and somehow the NDP, Bloc and Liberals are blameless. Sir, your partisan blinders are on way too tight. The public will be angry at Harper for his playing political games but they will totally destroy the Liberals for turing our country over to the Sepratists - don't fool yourself - under this coalition NO bill, NO vote, NO law will be passed without approval of the Bloc Quebecois. Any vote they cast will come with a price; either in dollars or advancement of their cause. For that, I will never forgive the Liberal Party of Canada.

Aaron said...


Before this all started, the leaders of the opposition should have been called into the Prime Ministers office (an office for which all Canadians have a considerable respect regardless of party affiliation) to see how a majority of votes could found to pass the fiscal update.

Harper has only been on the attack.

Ron your party has been hijacked by a leadership with no respect for parliamentary democracy.

Anonymous said...

Oh please!

Ron, having the support of the Bloc never seemed to bother Harper when they passed two of his budgets. He would have failed without them. Harper was all ready and willing to have a similar coalition in 2004, but that seems to be forgotten in the talking points being spewed about.

This has hardly been a private move. Harper poisoned the well a long time ago, and the activities and anger over his inability to lead or to compromise have been quite public.

Harper is poison to Canada. The sooner conservatives elect a true leader (instead of one who plays one in TV ads), the better off we will all be.

Aaron said...

"For that, I will never forgive the Liberal Party of Canada."

The visceral hatred of Harper for the Liberals is nothing new. It has been on dispaly for a long time.

And that is precisely what has caused this crisis.

Tootrusting said...


Hasn't it occurred to you that the Conservatives could supported the coalition on certain issues?
The last parliament would have been a lot shorter without the BLOC support on a few issues.
Or will the Conservatives automatically oppose ever thing?