Monday, September 08, 2008

Is Stephen Harper a Liar?

Is Stephen Harper a Liar?

In my last post, I said how surprised I was that angry man Stephen Harper, who has run a constant negative campaign of childish ads against Stephane Dion since the day he was elected Leader, this same Stephen Harper was now concerned that the Liberals would run a negative election campaign against him. Poor baby.

As if to demonstrate definitively that he thinks he can fool everyone. This morning at 6:00AM he released even more attack ads on Stephane Dion. In the afternoons, he pretends he is a warm fuzzy family man (at least this week).


Lizt. said...

I have come across many videos on the blogs that don't work,... sorry this video is no longer available..yes he definitely is..he has called Dion one of these, one to many times.

Aaron said...

The video works on my computer. I also put the link to YouTube along the top. I'll continue to do that. Thanks for the feedback comment.