Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crybaby Harper

After a year of ugly attacks on the character of Stephane Dion, after calling the opposition parties Taliban-sympathisers, attempting ludicrously to link a Liberal MP to the Air India bombing, and creating an idiotic website, (now cleaned up a bit for the elections) that was almost entirely devoted to attacking the Liberals and their Leader in the most childish of terms.... After all that and more, Harper is afraid that the opposition parties might hurt his feelings by going negative, i.e. talk about his poor management of the economy and mean spirited narrow ideological views.

Poor Harper. And such an unbelievable hypocrite.

"To be really honest, I anticipate a very nasty, kind of personal-attack campaign," he told Lloyd Robertson, CTV's chief news anchor and senior news editor, at Harrington Lake.
"That's just what I'm anticipating; that's what the opposition's done in the past. I think that whether Canadians agree with what we're doing or not, I don't think they're going to believe the kind of personal attacks and scare tactics that we've seen in the past."

Tell us again Harper about how the Liberal Green Shift Plan, which will lower income taxes by increasing taxes on pollution, is, in your trashy words, going to "Screw Canadians."

What a hypocrite.

What a whiner.

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