Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Scott Brison and about time

I was beginning to forget what I liked about Scott Brison so much. He totally clobbered that sack of wind Van Loan on Duffy tonight from start to finish. Scott needs more airtime. We need Scott to have more airtime.

In other news, its nice to hear some positive managed leaks for a change even if they are mixed with negative ones. Check out Diatribes.There will be some housecleaning later in the week?

To present a sense of direction there must be some winners and some losers. Hopefully, those who do not fare as well realize that it is not the end. Its nothing personal and politics is full of well deserved come-backs. Nothing is forever.

We’ll see what happens….

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah that WAS interesting. And right before Van Loan was about to respond to Brison, Duffy broke away to cover...what breaking story was it?


Have a nice day. That is, if nothing else happens to the Liberal Party today. :D