Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Strong Conservative Mandate

The Conservatives have won a strong mandate tonight to follow through with their crime agenda, scrap the hated gun registry and decrease the corporate tax rate. I think Canadians tend to prefer the tough guy when choosing a PM. We have clearly chosen Stephen Harper for the next four years.

If the left hopes to win eventually against Stephen Harper there will need to be some reorganization. The Liberal party won't gain much support if all it stands for happened in the last century. Although I have a sentimental attachment to the party, I am uncomfortable with the idea that it must be preserved because it is some sacred institution that Canada cannot survive without.

There needs to be a discussion with the NDP. Whether I personally could support the results of that discussion is an open question. There has always been something about Jack Layton I don't like but can't quite put my finger on. I am certain Stephen Harper will help me figure out exactly what that is.

Until recently the sudden rise of the NDP seemed as improbable as me voting Conservative in the next election. Now alot of things seem possible.

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