Monday, August 25, 2008

Harper Anxiety Attack

It's the end of summer. Most people are relaxed. Except Steven Harper, it seems, who is having an anxiety attack over "dysfunctional" parliamentary committees.

(I thought the conservative strategy was to brazenly sabotage the committees because regular Canadians don't pay attention to such things)

Anyways, I don't see why it would be necessary for the Leader of the Opposition to drop all his plans and jump on the next plane because Harper is having a freak out. I don't sense the urgency. Maybe Harper could make further explanations to the press...


wilson said...

Aaron, Dion had a 13 day window.
It's 11 days until the 5th. Surely he can pick up a phone in the next week & a half to give the Prime Minister of Canada a few minutes of his time.

Aaron said...

A 13 day window sure sounds like an ultimatum. Or else...

Look, if Harper wants an election he does not need to get Dion's permission.

If Harper wants to talk about the parliamentary session, Dion will meet with him before parliament begins (which is a real deadline not an artificial one that Harper or you has made up).

But ultimately, who cares? Why not just stick with the truth.

Harper wants an election now to avoid an embarassing parliamentary session. He wants an election. Then call the election.

wilson said...

''Harper wants an election now to avoid an embarassing parliamentary session''
ok, I'll give you that,
Bush is gone,
the abortion issue got put to bed today,
the Afghan mission got extended by Dion,
the Green Shift is not going over so well,
'so far' Canadians think the cons are the best to run the economy, and Dion's numbers are still in the toilet.
It's perfect, why wait for things to change. Go now.

Still, Dion too busy to call the PM is really lame.

Samantha said...

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Anonymous said...

If you think the abortion issue has been "put to bed", you are delusional.

Since when have social conservatives been willing to roll over on that one? The base will continue to push, and we'll see if it alienates Quebec in the by-elections. (Assuming Harper doesn't succeed in scuttling them first.)

City MP won't retract unborn crime bill (Edmonton Sun)