Saturday, January 12, 2008

Federal-Provincial relations: No Leadership

Well, Stephen Harper can check "Photo-op with Premiers" off his to-do list. The dinner with the premiers yesterday represents little more than the appearance of consultation i.e. an attempt to "neutralize" the fact that there have been no formal meetings with the premiers since Stephen Harper became prime minister.

Somewhat ominously, the Globe and Mail reports, “The Prime Minister did pledge to write to the premiers with a summary of the meeting and some ideas on how to push issues forward, Alberta's Ed Stelmach said.” Given Stephen Harper’s awkward leadership style this means they will receive a memo essentially saying: Here are your orders from the federal government, now shut-up.

Honestly, why can’t the premiers be more obedient like Conservative federal cabinet ministers. There would be more Unity and Openness in this country if the premiers would just do as they are told. A good premier should be seen and not heard. ; )

Joking aside, the Conservatives are not offering any leadership on the Environment or the Economy. Leaders also listen sometimes.

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