Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stockwell Day

This is an important isssue. The current Minister of Public Security, Stockwell Day, is responsible for the oversight of the RCMP. In light of new evidence that Stockwell Day may have broken the law and misused public funds, the RCMP must investigate. The only honourable option within the Canadian tradition of responsible government available to the Minister overseeing the RCMP is to step aside from his post while the investigation is undertaken. Anything less than the Minister removing himself from this conflict of interest, as overseer of the RCMP and under investigation by the RCMP at the same time, will in perception and in fact be wrong.

The minister needs to step aside. If he has done nothing wrong which is hopefully the case, he will not be charged.

The minister must step aside by Monday, March 26th.

Otherwise, questions need to be asked about his influence on the investigation into his potential crimes.

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